Growing your own food is one of the most rewarding endeavors. Not only do you get the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious produce available, but tending a vegetable patch is also a great way to spend family time together. For a small initial investment, you can reduce your grocery bills quite a bit as well.

A vegetable garden can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. Most yards can accommodate a raised bed or two that can be tied into the existing irrigation system for effortless and efficient watering. Plants in a raised bed can be arranged in creative and attractive patterns, not just in rows, so you can simply reach into rather than walking through them. Raised beds also improve drainage and warm faster in the spring, extending our short growing season. Mixing plants with various colors, textures, and shapes can yield stunning results. Vining plants like peas and beans add vertical interest as well and produce high yields in limited space. We can build attractive trellises and borders out of many materials.

Colorful varieties of every vegetable are available and more are developed every year, many bred specifically for shorter growing seasons like Central Oregon’s. From edible flowers like nasturtiums, to rainbow colored chard, purple beans, red peppers, lettuces in every shade of green and purple, the vegetable garden need not be boring.

Landmark Landscaping can design and install a beautiful and fruitful vegetable garden in your yard this spring. We have installed may different gardens over the last few years using a range of materials from timber to concrete block, and even some very attractive ones using recycled materials. From site selection, raised bed construction, and irrigation setup to plan selection and installation, and trellis and border construction, we are veggie-garden central. Please call us for a free consultation and estimate and get started on a beautiful and delicious harvest this season.