Fall is a great time to make simple improvements to your landscape. Not only is the weather conducive to working outside, but new plants have a chance to establish their roots and be ready to grow come spring. Fall’s cooler weather also reduces stress that summer heat puts on new plantings, and there is more rainfall so less supplemental water is needed to help plants along.

Adding new plants to existing beds is a quick way to visually spruce up your yard. Also, closer plantings create less room for weeds to invade which reduces maintenance effort and the need for chemical sprays.

Expand existing beds, replacing part or all of your lawn with drought-tolerant shrubs and perennials. This is a great way to add interest and color while reducing water use. There are plenty of choices for native and low-water shrubs with excellent fall color as well as evergreens with various textures and hues.

Fall is also a good time to add trees, both deciduous and evergreen. Choose deciduous trees now when you can see what the foliage looks like. Evergreens become the focal point of the winter garden, adding color and structure when everything else is dormant.

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