Low Maintenance Landscape Remodel/Xeriscape

The goal of this remodel project was to create a lower maintenance landscape by removing the existing lawn and replacing it with native, low water grasses and perennials. Water and chemical usage are greatly reduced with the new landscape, along with maintenance time spent mowing the previous lawn. Now an occasional sweep for weeds is all that is needed.

The front yard was re-graded to create an upper “terrace” with a stepping stone pathway. Mossy boulders were installed along the slope.

The narrow concrete pathway leading to the front door was removed and replaced with wider paver steps, creating a beautiful, durable, and more inviting front entry. Pavers stand up well in the Central Oregon environment and are easily repaired without needing replacement.

The backyard was also remodeled to be lower maintenance including installation of pea gravel mulch, boulders, and new shrubs and trees.