Northwest Crossing Backyard Remodel

This project was a complete remodel of a backyard in Northwest Crossing. We removed a concrete patio and replaced it with pavers, which are a much longer-lasting and attractive material in the Central Oregon climate. We also removed an existing lawn and replaced it with a water feature and native plantings to create a restful and lower maintenance atmosphere.

The site was sloping so we installed a retaining wall and steps to create a larger usable space for the paver patio and additional seating area, and added a planting bed around the tree base on the upper level. Existing plants were transplanted into the new beds, and additional plants were brought in, including larger trees to provide privacy and shade. The water feature was built to resemble a native, babbling, stream using mossy boulders.

We installed a new stone pathway and plants in the side yard and the finished touch was a new layer of dark coastal hemlock bark over all the beds.